Kloud Basket

Kloud Basket is an online ordering system that utilizes social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) to make orders online and have them delivered or picked up. Our well-engineered system allows you to swiftly craft your website menu.

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Increase your orders by incorporating our online system into your Social Media and Website.

Once installed, you’ll be able to fully grow your customer base and then twofold your revenues.


Monitor Information 

The dashboard displays how to edit, add, or delete any pick-up or delivery item for any incoming order. 


Accept or decline incoming orders, so that you can control workflow and divide capacity accordingly.


Our brand-new system efficiently allows you to cater to your customers and provides an advertising space to advertise and offer items.  


Specify if a location is included in your location map, in order to allow guests to select their respective locations.

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  • Vacation Mode

Instantly put on hold one or more services (i.e., delivery or pickup), for a short amount of time, or even change your service hours on vacations, national holidays or on any other given day.

  • Table Reservation

Once enabled, this feature allows customers to pre-order food when making a table reservation.

  • Order for Later

Allows your customers to order now and schedule a later pickup or delivery. This way you can take orders 24/7 and make money while you sleep!

  • Third-Party Integration

Connect your Kloud Basket account with freemium delivery tracking software, various POSes, loyalty platforms & more.

  • Draw your Own Delivery Areas

No matter how big or small. With our delivery configuration tool, you can simply draw the delivery zone you want to service & tweak it later on, according to your business needs.

  • Free orders with Facebook smart links

These links enable your customers to order straight from your Facebook business page, whilst being hooked by the active promos visible at the top of your menu.

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